The communication difference between a text and a phone call why I hate the latter

its becoming less common to call a person because the overhead of calling is far longer than texting. This is nice and good if you have nothing better to do than talk to a black box all day but Id rather meet up in person or text than do this charade.

heres a sample break-up of an average phone call.

whereas a text:

This is because one is happening in realtime and the other is a scheduled job and with a scheduled job you can include the subject matter without the overhead of societal niceties or keep them to a minimum.

It should be noted that a text, if done in realtime or in such a way that follows the phone call flow, will still become burdensome and considered more annoying than a short amount of texts.

This of course cannot be spoken out in public, with regard to the outliers; the elder generations have nostalgia when it comes to talking on the phone and romanticize the past and therefore reject this idea.

This situation is bullshit I hate losing time (yet I wrote this blog, heh). The ‘facts’ are deducted by my observations during my travels people-watching in the regions; Turkey, europe, north-america.


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