How many number of cat images would you weigh in and how long would it take?

[4:53 PM] Detective Freakachu: @beebz Have you seen my raphtalia meme?
[4:53 PM] beebz: hit me with that good meme fam
[4:53 PM] beebz: i havent
[4:53 PM] Detective Freakachu: Can you get into NSFW?
[4:53 PM] Detective Freakachu: I can’t post it in memes
[4:53 PM] beebz: no but now I HAVE to.
[4:54 PM] Detective Freakachu: I’ll pm you
[4:54 PM] Clarico: my bfs sister has a cat named beebz
[4:54 PM] Clarico: wow that was my lvl 20 message
[4:54 PM] beebz: no way! my cats name is beebee
[4:54 PM] beebz: hahaha gzgzgz
[4:54 PM] beebz: my avatar is my cats face in low poly
[4:54 PM] beebz: I made it :sunglasses:
[4:55 PM] Andre: you made that pfp? nice
[4:55 PM] StriickeN: I see
[5:00 PM] beebz: aw no links either :frowning:
[5:00 PM] beebz: foams in mouth
[5:05 PM] shroomenheimer: You can post a pic that’s saved to your phone/PC. Share that cat
[5:07 PM] caprafist: Justin BEEBZ?
[5:24 PM] beebz: @shroomenheimer im not lvl 10 yet :frowning:
[5:24 PM] beebz: @caprafist NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. No.
[5:24 PM] beebz: to re-iterate; no.
[5:24 PM] shroomenheimer: Aw dang. I expect cat pics whenever you reach 10 lol
[5:25 PM] beebz: I shall bathe you in your weight in cat pics my dude
[5:29 PM] beebz: @shroomenheimer how much do you weigh?
[5:30 PM] MisplayTheKid: Considering the entire internet’s data weighs less than an ounce, i think your gonna need to take a lot of photos
[5:30 PM] beebz: I havent uploaded EVERYTHING :eye: :eye:
[5:31 PM] beebz: I was just trying to calculate how many files would make 90 kilos hahah
[5:31 PM] beebz: ive fallen deep into the wiki of knowledge
[5:33 PM] loof: level 20??? whew boy
[5:33 PM] loof: someone has some chats under their belt
[5:33 PM] beebz: whos the top level here?
[5:33 PM] Clarico: idk
[5:34 PM] Clarico: i think im up there tho
[5:34 PM] beebz: whats your level?
[5:34 PM] Clarico: 20
[5:34 PM] beebz: ah
[5:34 PM] Clarico: im rank #17
[5:34 PM] Clarico: apparently
[5:35 PM] beebz: everyone here is #1 in my book
[5:35 PM] beebz: :heart:
[5:35 PM] JusticeNFLdog™(Levia#killdyno): ofc i am
[5:35 PM] loof: what kinda username?
[5:35 PM] loof: I don’t understand
[5:39 PM] shroomenheimer: @beebz 155lbs so that’s like…less than 155 kilos
[5:39 PM] beebz: #technicallythetruth
[5:40 PM] beebz: u THIN
[5:40 PM] beebz: 70kgs
[5:40 PM] beebz: aight holup lemme crunch some numbers.
[5:43 PM] shroomenheimer: Yeah I am lol. I’m curious how that will convert to cat pics lol
[5:45 PM] Merlin: @beebz daarling stooop confusing meee with your wiiishfuuul thinking. Hopeful woooords
[5:57 PM] myeyesareburning: :wave:
[6:06 PM] beebz: roight. Ive crunched the numbers and heres the logic ladies and gentlemen

# the smallest amount of atoms that can carry 1 bit irl : 12 atoms

n(pics) = 3.1632305 * 10^20   # number of cat pics required to keep my word

n(pics) = 70000 / (2*1024*1024*(1.0552061 * 10^-22))

n(pics) = w(person)/w(pics) 

w(person)=n(pics)*w(pics) grams

w(pics)=n(Cu atoms)*w(Cu atoms) grams

n(Cu atoms)=size(picture in megabytes)*1024*1024 bits

[6:11 PM] shroomenheimer: I am quite impressed
[6:11 PM] beebz: cant even have one goddam sex
[6:11 PM] beebz: fml
[6:12 PM] shroomenheimer: Damn better start snapping some pics
[6:12 PM] beebz: oh snap HOLUP
[6:12 PM] JUSTICE|NFLtheDog™Levia#killdyno: otherwise u become a liar
[6:12 PM] shroomenheimer: And I’m sure you could get one sex if you tried
[6:16 PM] beebz:

# fastest camera in the world can snap 10 ^12 ips (images per second)

10.0305381152 years
3661.14641204 days
316323050 seconds 
seconds =  n(images) / n(images per second)(3.1632305 * 10^20)/(10 ^12)

[6:16 PM] beebz: It would take me 10 years to take that many images with the fastest camera possible
[6:18 PM] shroomenheimer: I guess I could settle for .15sextillion
[6:18 PM] beebz: ayyy


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