Systematic destruction of science in Turkish society

This is a rant about an average guy from istanbul who has lived through most of the fall of democracy in Turkey(2001-2015). My observational points are from my own experiences and what friends went through.

Our highschools are divided into 4. They are; science/math, turkish/math, turkish/social-sciences and (foreigh)languages.

This decides on what kinds of universities you can apply to. For example if you decided you didnt care about social-sciences in HS but still chose it, it would be very hard for said person to move into an engineering field and vice-versa. We already have a %75 of people not doing sciences in HS. While lower, the percentage is still high in college. Around 5% change their field/major, to be fair after 2007 the way students can change majors in college really improved, but still…This causes the general populous to be misinformed and just not care about science.

You raise a group of people who mostly love turkish-history and culture but you limit them to a very narrow field of occupations. There is a need for scientists, engineers and doctors worldwide and yet were still not coming up with enough, because we arent raising enough.

The ones that do become scientists after college are offered jobs for around 18-20k$ a year. This is ridiculus, not only is the amount extremely low its barely enough to survive as a young adult. Why try to do that job when you can go into marketing or business and make the same amount for working less both in hs and college? A lot dont.

The lack of a scientific mind in the population also causes the people to not be convinced by facts. Hence why you have people shouting he can steal from me! even when they are presented with facts that the religious party is doing shady stuff with money. Even if you catch them redhanded with shoeboxes filled with millions and millions of euros in their home. Like a petty drug kingpin.

There are also points touching the extreme racism as well but thats just wayyy too sensitive and long for a paragraph.

As a closing remark; no one person is reasonable for this destruction, but society as a whole, these guys were democratically elected and have been gaining more and more votes and momentum ever since. In the face of undeniable fascism and hatred the people have decided to side with the bigots. Thats why Ive little faith left with Turkey. Unfortunately one of my homes no longer accepts me or people like me but every empire falls.


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