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How many number of cat images would you weigh in and how long would it take?

[4:53 PM] Detective Freakachu: @beebz Have you seen my raphtalia meme?
[4:53 PM] beebz: hit me with that good meme fam
[4:53 PM] beebz: i havent
[4:53 PM] Detective Freakachu: Can you get into NSFW?
[4:53 PM] Detective Freakachu: I can’t post it in memes
[4:53 PM] beebz: no but now I HAVE to.
[4:54 PM] Detective Freakachu: I’ll pm you
[4:54 PM] Clarico: my bfs sister has a cat named beebz
[4:54 PM] Clarico: wow that was my lvl 20 message
[4:54 PM] beebz: no way! my cats name is beebee
[4:54 PM] beebz: hahaha gzgzgz
[4:54 PM] beebz: my avatar is my cats face in low poly
[4:54 PM] beebz: I made it :sunglasses:
[4:55 PM] Andre: you made that pfp? nice
[4:55 PM] StriickeN: I see
[5:00 PM] beebz: aw no links either :frowning:
[5:00 PM] beebz: foams in mouth
[5:05 PM] shroomenheimer: You can post a pic that’s saved to your phone/PC. Share that cat

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Systematic destruction of science in Turkish society

This is a rant about an average guy from istanbul who has lived through most of the fall of democracy in Turkey(2001-2015). My observational points are from my own experiences and what friends went through.

Our highschools are divided into 4. They are; science/math, turkish/math, turkish/social-sciences and (foreigh)languages.

This decides on what kinds of universities you can apply to. For example if you decided you didnt care about social-sciences in HS but still chose it, it would be very hard for said person to move into an engineering field and vice-versa. We already have a %75 of people not doing sciences in HS. While lower, the percentage is still high in college. Around 5% change their field/major, to be fair after 2007 the way students can change majors in college really improved, but still…This causes the general populous to be misinformed and just not care about science.


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To choose paradise in return for loneliness.

I faced this problem. I think others like myself might have or will have as well. This feeling of loneliness after you immigrate to a new land. This is of course defeated by befriending coworkers or dating-app afficionados but what if you worked in one continent and also immigrated to another? Loneliness.

The immigrant doesnt have a choice. Its either, stay in a 3rd world country where the people are becoming more and more violent towards secularism and rejecting the very notion of tolerance for a religious one or just plain greed and ignorance combined with a lack of self-reflection. The decreasing quality in life make it hard for the individuals to achieve their future goals. Even a simple thing as starting a family is increasingly hard unless youve a moderately wealthy family in an everdecreasing economy and un-appreciated skilled worker economy.

Stay and change the system? What if...

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The communication difference between a text and a phone call why I hate the latter

its becoming less common to call a person because the overhead of calling is far longer than texting. This is nice and good if you have nothing better to do than talk to a black box all day but Id rather meet up in person or text than do this charade.

heres a sample break-up of an average phone call.

  • Greeting
  • ack greeting
  • how are you
  • ack how are you
  • what are you doing (optional)
  • comment regarding previous inquiry (optional)
  • ack what are you doing (optional)
  • comment regarding previous inquiry (optional)
  • subject matter
  • reply
  • discussion
  • closing remarks
  • unexpected topic
  • closing remarks
  • end

whereas a text:

  • greeting
  • subject matter

This is because one is happening in realtime and the other is a scheduled job and with a scheduled job you can include the subject matter without the overhead of societal niceties or keep them to a minimum.

It should be noted that a text, if done in...

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Installing OpenCV 3.0.0 with python 2.7.9 into a virtualenv on Mac OSX without homebrew

Its pretty easy to install openCV to your machine or vagrant box but its not as easy to install onto your virtualenv without brew. I enjoy brew, it has helped me tremendously and I’ve nothing against it. But I also like to have control over what I compile and where I place it.

Tested on :

  • Yosemite
  • El Capitan


  1. Install pip, virtualenv and activate the current environment as that new env;

    $ sudo easy_install pip
    $ pip install virtualenv
    $ virtualenv env
    $ source env/bin/activate

    throughout this post dont deactivate your virtual env

    Install numpy dependency

    (env)$ pip install numpy
  2. Download opencv here and unzip it. For this tutorial this is v3.0.0.

    (env)$ cd /path/to/your/opencv-3.0.0
    (env)$ mkdir release
    (env)$ cd release

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A hate-ku about ‘scrum meetings’ and ‘agile development'

They’re guidelines,

Waste your own goddamn time,

Corporate masturbation.

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Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard

Connecting your logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard to your ubuntu PC and persistently retain the connection is a cumbersome process. This method automates the repairing of the K810.


You should first make sure hidd is installed. Its deprecated but worked best for me. I then checked it with blueman because the default bluetooth manager did not help me at all.

sudo apt-get install bluez-compat blueman

Acquire the keyboard and files from

Edit so your bluetooth mac address is filled in and place the files as /etc/ and /etc/init.d/keyboard and make them executable.

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/keyboard /etc/

If you want to connect manually then just;

sudo /etc/

Thats it. Next time you reboot you should be able to connect the keyboard if the keyboard is in...

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